​A Dutch consortium constructs modular care homes within a day

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A Dutch consortium developed an innovative construction concept to provide temporary care homes. The dwellings are detachable and reusable because of sustainable precast-elements.

Hulpmiddelen Centrum (an organisation for healthcare) works together with construction company Scheenstra and United Care to develop care homes that can be placed in the backyard within a day.

Dwellings are detachable and reusable because they consist of precast-parts of sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood and rockwool insulation of insulation supplier Rockwool. The rockwool is placed on the roof, the walls and floors and it makes the dwellings detachable and reusable.


According to the consortium the modular dwelling can also be used as an office space or studio, but the house suits caregivers and people who need care best. The companies say they will place the modular dwellings of the modular construction concept in Groningen and Friesland this year.

‘’Our starting point is the functionality of the dwelling’’, says Tineke Munniksma of construction company Scheenstra. ‘’Together with the Hulpmiddelen Centrum and United Care we pay attention to the specific needs of the person that will move into the dwelling’’. That means paying attention to practical issues like safety in the bathroom and wide doors.

Constructing without a permit

It is possible to place the dwelling without planning permission. A new arrangement based on a demand for care makes it possible to construct in the backyard without a planning permit. The dwelling is allowed to stay for a maximum of fifteen years.

The construction company Risseuw from Axel thought about a concept to build care homes within a day against a building that already exists. The company claims it is a solution that suits elderly that like to stay in their own home or who don’t qualify for a nursing home.

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