Amsterdam delivers parcels by e-cargo bicycle

In Amsterdam, mailcompany PostNL is replacing 100 Diesel delivery van rides with sustainable e-cargo bicycle delivery. This will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 60,000kg per year. This way, PostNL wants to contribute to clean city centres and improve accessibility in the city centre. After Amsterdam, the cities of Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and other major cities will follow.


Susanne Balm's picture
Susanne Balm

Great innovation! The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences explores the use of these vehicles for city logistics, together with many partners, in the LEVV-LOGIC project, see for more info.

Egbert van Keulen's picture
Egbert van Keulen

Haha, they already take in broken electric products for recycling.

Herman van den Bosch's picture
Herman van den Bosch

Great plan. Maybe the postmen can earn an additional salary with vending ice creams on Sundays;-)