Amsterdam Drone Lab: open call for (professional) drone operators

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Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is pursuing the development of 'Amsterdam Drone Lab', an UAV operations testing facility located in the heart of the Amsterdam city centre. Here, drone applications such as structure inspections or medical transports could be tested within a dense metropolitan area under credible circumstances.

We currently gauge interest among drone operators for testing drone operations within the innercity of Amsterdam. Our premises will ideally feature a plateau to take off and land, a workshop to alter and recharge UAVs, and excellent facilities within close proximity.

For more information, and to submit ideas/input:


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Francois LeGuillou

Did you know that UNKNOWNGROUP ( takes user contact details from you website in complete disrespect of GDPR. Following my above message I received a spam on mobility from them.

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Francois LeGuillou

Hi Maurice,
Is the living lab part of the EC U-Space Demonstrator ? If this is the case, we have civil protection UAV use-cases as well as interest in the evolution of urban air mobility policies.