Amsterdam Smart City frequently mentioned in Smart City Blue Print Hong Kong

Proud to see Amsterdam Smart City's approach is mentioned frequently in 'Report of of Consultancy Study on Smart City Blueprint Hong Kong'

- Use of On-line Applications and Social Media for Stakeholder Engagement (p77)
- Open Data initiative (p166)
- Recommendations for Hong Kong to Consider in Drafting and Adopting an Open Data policy (p170)
- PPPP - approach & governance (p190)
- 8 lessons learned / key insights from University of Applied Sciences (HvA) (p191)
1. The partnership should fit the project scope and must be open to new input;
2. Project scope and focus should be clear and shared by all partners involved;
3. Projects benefit from clear ownership and committed project leadership;
4. User engagement is a multi-layered and ongoing process;
5. Value of the project needs careful consideration and evaluation;
6. Development of a viable business model is key to continuation and upscaling of the project;
7. Technology does not need to be new to produce innovation, instead, it is the way it is used and integrated; and
8. Upscaling is a multi-layered process and cannot prosper without sharing knowledge

Interesting read.

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Nancy Zikken

Nice to see the research on lessons learned is mentioned! @marijepoel @katriendewitte @willemvanwinden