Amsterdam’s Environmental Saviour: The Circular Economy

Saving Energy And Reducing CO2 Is Not Enough For This High-Tech City

Raw materials are a finite resource. As the number of industries which rely on these resources increases (e.g. metals for smartphones and tablets) so does the number of consumers. Not only will we start running out of these materials in the coming decades, but the processes involved in their extraction and manufacturing are often harmful to workers, citizens and the environment.

To rely on raw materials is not economically viable in the long term. As stocks run low, the market for the resource becomes increasingly volatile. Every country in the world trades its raw materials, so if one of these links can no longer deliver, the whole supply chain is affected. By 2050, the Dutch government wants the Netherlands to run completely on reusable raw materials. So the city of Amsterdam is testing out a solution: the circular economy.


Herman van den Bosch's picture
Herman van den Bosch

Nice overview. One of the most serious shortages the near future are costly 'earth metals' that are needed in pro production of solar cells.

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Lauren Macpherson

Thank you @nancyzikken, you all do such amazing work for the city!

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Nancy Zikken

Nice summary of initiatives! Check this out, @sladjanamijatovic , @marjoleinajbrasz , @anneliesvanderstoep & @colettevanderminne !