Batteries that react to weather forecast and energy prices

Among its activities, Resourcefully researches how to improve the management of energy flows in districts, maximizing the use of locally produced energy.

You are invited to check our interactive presentation, that sketchs a methodology to make a communal battery aware to weather forecast and energy prices. Among the highlights that you can find:

- Use real time data from six prosumers.
- Use of machine learning for predicting solar forecast
- Demonstration of custom algorithms to decide when to charge or discharge the battery
- Functioning of the IT infrastructure necessary to make it work.

(Mind that in some browsers the slides appear as too big or small. You can set the zoom with Ctrl + and Ctrl - , and you can see the presentation fullscreen pressing the key f. Navigate with keyboard arrow keys.)

We finish the slideshow with a call to action. If you are interested in prototype the method described, please let us know!

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