Bicycle, not dinosaur

Amsterdam's views are overwhelmed with parking places full of bicycles.
1. To diminish space taken up by parked bicycles , collapsible bycicles should start being promoted.
2. Also, bycicles can be parked facing each other, where front wheels overlap. That saves space by 50%.
3. In areas that allow it ( park, grassy areas), ground surface should be turned into an underground–like covered parking for bycicles. That means lifting walkable part of a surface through building plaza or alley over it (of whatever material ) but tall enough so under this cover bycicles can be parked. With time areas of the city do get raised anyhow because of cultural layer. If we create raised areas artificially, we have then empty space under them to use as bicycle parking. Besides utilitarian solution, it can also hide the multitude of bycicles from the eye. Those raised areas can be arcitecturally stractured so smartly, that they remind mostly of a curved landscape, modern architectural elements rather than invisible parking lot. :)