Recap of Demoday #23

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On Thursday, April 18, Amsterdam Smart City partners came together for the 23rd edition of our Demoday. We were welcomed by Ru Paré. Ru Paré is a community-driven space that is home to a lot of different small businesses. They share their space and their knowledge. Inclusiveness and cooperation are at the heart of Ru Paré. These values align closely with our own values at Amsterdam Smart City.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of the Knowledge Session, Work Sessions and Pitches. Interested in learning more? Read the full reports by our Programme Managers Noor, Pelle and Sophie (linked below).

About our Demodays

The Demodays are one of the tools we use to stimulate innovation and encourage connection between our partners and community. The purpose of the Demodays is to present the progress of various innovation projects, ask for help, share dilemmas and involve more partners to take these projects to the next level. More information about the Demodays can be found here.

Knowledge Session: Socratic Design

Ruben Polderman told us more about the philosophy and method of Socratic Design. It's important for a city to collectively reflect on a good existence. Socratic Design can be a way to think about this together, collectively. You work on your own presuppositions, enhance your listening skills, and deepen your understanding of our current dominant narratives to create new narratives and practices. Ruben guided us through examples and exercises to help us understand what narratives and presuppositions entail. Read Pelle's full report here.

Work Sessions

Mobility – Mobility Injustice

Being able to move from point A to B contributes to your sense of freedom. But there are also people who cannot do that as easily as most people; be it because of financial, physical, vehicular, or other reasons. On behalf of Provincie Noord-Holland and in collaboration with Amsterdam Smart City and Amsterdam Centre of Expertise, a group of students working on their graduation project tackled this topic at the latest Demoday of 2024. Read Timo’s full report here.

Digital – Data Commons & the (Agri)Food Case

In the big tech-dominated era, data has been commercially exploited for so long that it is now hard to imagine that data sharing might also benefit the community. Yet that is what a collective of businesses, governments, social institutions and residents in Amsterdam aim to do with the Data Commons Collective. Sharing more data to better care for the Amsterdam Region. Lia Hsu (Amsterdam Economic Board) and Simone van der Burg (Waag) led an interactive value workshop to discuss which values are important when it comes to sharing data from the perspective of different stakeholders in an (agri)food use case. Read Sophie's full report here.

Energy – Co-creation with residents in the heat transition

Municipalities and neighborhoods are actively engaged in the heat transition, but residents are often involved late in the planning process, leading to dissatisfaction. Kennisland is developing a plan to involve residents early in neighborhood heat transitions, aligning with local interests. This plan has been discussed with various organizations and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Dave van Loon and Marieke van Doorninck (Kennisland) have dived into the problems surrounding heat grids and come up with a plan. In this Demoday work-session we looked into the problems surrounding heat grids and their plan to solve this. The session was moderated by our own Leonie van Beuken. Read Noor's full report here.


Before we divided into separate work sessions, we had time for some inspiring presentations. The topics presented are listed below. You can click on the links to visit the dedicated project pages.

  • Circular: True Price Lab – Are consumers willing to pay the actual cost of their products? Would they pay extra for the environmental impact of their products? (Sjoukje Goldman, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) Read more here
  • Energy: Sharing Energy in the Neighborhood – Currently, we heavily rely on major energy suppliers. In the Netherlands, we face issues with net congestion. We cannot continue just adding more energy consumers and sources. In his pitch, Hugo discussed an innovative approach to tackle this issue by learning from our neighbors. (Hugo Niesing, Resourcefully) Read more here
  • Mobility: Oui - Think outside the box! Or rather, think of a box. This new concept for a compact, circular vehicle is called the Minimal Car. Designed like a box with seating for four, it primarily targets urban mobility. This car bridges the gap between a cargo bike and a standard car. It is spacious enough for moving houses yet small enough to prevent city congestion. (Barend Koolhaas, Minimal Car) Read more here

Our next Demoday will take place on the 20th of June. Do you have an inspiring story or project you want to pitch to the Amsterdam Smart City network? Let us know via Sophie (Digital), Pelle (Mobility) or Noor (Energy & Circular)