Do you have a novel idea that can help solve urban challenges in Amsterdam?

Join the Amsterdam City Challenge, a 24-hour non-stop pressure cooker event on 16-17 June to kick-off the WeMakeThe.City festival. These videos tell you why!

As the city becomes more densely populated, city authorities face the growing challenge of ensuring that citizens have affordable and sustainable energy and mobility options. To ensure we keep Amsterdam as a clean and healthy city, and to achieve our carbon emission goals by 2030, we want to encourage accelerated innovation and support the development of new, smart technologies. The Amsterdam City Challenge will allow you to work in a multi-disciplinary team to ideate, uncover insights and propose innovative solutions to the city's urban challenges.

Co-design sustainable urban solutions

During the 24 hours, the participants will be guided by experts from the energy and mobility sectors. At the end of the event, a panel of experts from different backgrounds will select the winning teams and award the following Prizes:

  • €1000 cash for the winning team of the Mobility challenge
  • €1000 cash for the winning team of the Sustainable Energy challenge
  • 5 free tickets to the AMS summer school on Mobility (€200 value each)
  • A wild card winner for entry to AMS Climate Launchpad
  • An opportunity to pitch your idea to a large audience of the WeMakeThe.City festival during the signing of the Klimaat Akkoorden on Thursday, June 20th as well as the opportunity to present during the three Mobility Conferences.
  • An opportunity to pitch your idea during the Amsterdam Smart City "Demo days," with immediate feedback from various partners and experts.
  • A chance to work alongside the city officials on a "living lab" approach to your solutions.
  • An opportunity to collaborate with rich, diverse networks of the City of Amsterdam, AMS Institute and EIT Climate-KIC.

City challenges you will be tackling


How can we make data centers greener? Video with Marieke van Doorninck (Deputy mayor City of Amsterdam) and Jan Duffhues (City of Amsterdam)

Amsterdam City Challenge - Heat of data centers

Taking the Haparandadam as a point of inspiration, how can we install solar power in unusual places? Video with Kirsten Dunlop (CEO EIT ClimateKIC) and Antonia Nieto Diaz (City of Amsterdam)

Amsterdam City Challenge 2019 - Energy solutions for the Haparandadam


How can we organize the supply of fresh food and beverages in Amsterdam in a smarter way, and with zero-emissions, in order to minimize the impact on the city streets? Video with Cathelijne Hermans (City of Amsterdam)

Amsterdam City Challenge - efficient logistics

How can we improve management of the mobility flows to major tourist attractions more effectively, such as the Zandvoort beach on sunny days? Video with Rachel Tienkamp-Beishuizen (City of Amsterdam) and Arthur Rietkerk (Province of Noord-Holland)

Amsterdam City Challenge - Mobility challenge at Zandvoort

How can we reduce congestion on the bike paths and roads during rush hour? Video with Arjan van Timmeren (scientific director AMS Institute) and Koen van 't Hof (City of Amsterdam)

Amsterdam City Challenge 2019 - Improve cycling!

So sign up!

Amsterdam City Challenge


Together we can turn the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a frontrunner of urban mobility and sustainable energy!

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