EV ENERGY Project - Policy Brochure

European cities are moving massively into electric mobility with electric vehicles (EVs), from motorcycles to cars and buses to trucks. This is important to create healthier cities. Solar energy in the city is also growing as the most viable clean energy source in densely
populated areas, and EV technologies are reaching market maturity. However, governments across Europe are struggling with the development of charging
infrastructure, especially with its implementation and financing. The largest challenge is in arranging integration of clean energy and mobility at larger scales in and around the city. It is time for a coherent policy!

This policy brochure is realised by the EV ENERGY project, where good policies and practices are exchanged. It focuses on both the project partners and on outstanding policies in this field across the most advanced regions in Europe.

Indeed, supportive policies are the backbone for a successful rollout of electric mobility and the energy transition.

Three main topics can be seen in this area:
→ Favouring electric vehicles (EVs)
→ Supporting renewable energy in the city
→ Developing EV charging infrastructure

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