FabCity now open: temporary campus at Kop of Java-eiland

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At the campus people try to live and work as sustainably as possible.

Amsterdam sort of gained an extra city district since FabCity has risen at the Kop of Java-eiland. At the campus people try to live and work as sustainably as possible. FabCity is part of the program around the EU presidency. The campus was officially opened this week by Minister Bussemaker and Mayor Van der Laan.

More than four hundred students, professionals, artists and other creative people develop the site into a sustainable urban area, where they work, create, explore and find solutions to problems in cities. "We actually show what the future of a city might look like. We have sustainable homes, we work on new production methods like metal and concrete printing and we reuse plastic. This is a unique part of Amsterdam, so in that respect this is now district FabCity’’ says organizer Mark Borst. The participants come from diverse educational backgrounds such as art schools, universities and vocational training. "I'm building a movable property of residual material. I want to show society that residual material can still have a second or third life", said one of the participants. "This is a completely self-sufficient house. That means that we have no connection to sewage, water or gas. This house does everything itself”, says another.

FabCity can be found at the Kop of Java-eiland until the end of June.

Source: AT5
Picture: nu.nl