Future Amsterdam must make way for the bike'

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We need to look ahead, at least forty years.

Geert Kloppenburg, mobility expert at Urgenda, doesn’t understand that the car still gets so much space in the city. Kloppenburg doesn’t want to complain: that time when the Dam was packed with parked cars is far behind us. Besides, motorists are discouraged to drive in the city through high parking fees and road diversions, for instance on Leidseplein and at the Munt.

Make way for the bike
“Because of increasing traffic we need to look ahead, at least forty years”, says Kloppenburg in Het Parool. According to him, the only way to keep the city livable is to make way for the bicycle, which is only possible if the car makes way. That will create more space for broad bike lanes with two lanes: one for slow bikers and one for fast, electric bicycles.

Source: Parool
Picture: Parool