Green IT Amsterdam launches Green IT Foundation training

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This spring, Green IT Amsterdam is launching a series of training courses aimed at making IT use more sustainable within companies and government institutions.

The so-called ‘Green IT Foundation Training’ is an entry-level qualification for everyone involved in creating sustainable, energy-efficient IT systems and IT environments.

3-day course

The 3-day course is aimed at anyone who is involved in or interested in Green IT and wants to gain knowledge in this area or understand how their role fits into the wider context of Green IT. Although designed for IT professionals, this qualification is also very relevant for non-IT professionals who require basic knowledge of the field - such as Managers for Corporate Sustainability and Procurement. The training also offers a lot of useful information for employees of vendors.

Topics and themes

Topics covered during the training include:
- The broader background of Green IT
- How do I develop a Green IT policy within his organization?
- How do I prepare a Green IT action plan?
- Concepts and techniques for internal assessment
- The risks and benefits of Green IT
- The available techniques and technologies to make Green IT possible
- The role of Green IT in the organization
- The roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders

The course is in English and is provided by Green IT Amsterdam adviser, John Booth.

Date: April 15, 16, 17
Time: all day, including breakfast & lunch
Location: SURFsara, Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amsterdam

More information can be found here: