The curtain falls on the GEYSER project

The EU FP7 GEYSER project has come to its successful conclusion. During the past three years, the GEYSER team was focused on delivering a technological and business proof-of-concept that supports Data Centres to interact with their smart city ecosystem.

Indeed, the concept of Smart Cities, the evolving role of DSOs, as well as the increasing possibilities for renewable energy sources, make GEYSER not just a data model for a DCIM, but an innovative tool to help data centres to re-think their strategies for energy sources, storage and heat re-use. Nevertheless, the developed solution targets not only Data Centre Managers and Operators but stakeholders at the interface of the involved systems such as Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Smart City Energy Managers, Energy Service Companies (ESCos) and so on.

A concrete summary of the validation and evaluation process, where collected results are analysed and presented in a uniform, consolidated way, can be found at This report delivers evidence on the achieved performance along with guidelines towards the development of a market-ready solution.

The results we have achieved are already used in the development of a Green Datacenter Campus around Amsterdam ( and will be taken into account for follow-up projects.
The data centre industry is uniquely positioned to actively participate within local Energy Hubs which will leverage on new combinations of innovations and technologies, from both within and outside the industry itself.

We strongly believe that the GEYSER Solution for Green Data Centres will be ready, exploitable and marketable in less than 5 years. Business drivers, such as cost reduction, revenue generation and CSR guidelines, are pointing towards that direction and the industry is already looking for new opportunities. GEYSER enables the successful integration of Data Centres operations to a Smart City vision where all involved stakeholders can benefit from the developed solution, tailored to their needs and wants, and achieve energy efficiency and costs savings.

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