Hyperloop wants to connect 35 US cities

America is lagging behind on infrastructure. People are being priced out of the cities in which they want to live, employers have problems to find talent in the area, road congestions are a daily problem. There is an enormous need for fast, clean and efficient transportation. Hyperloop One wants to tackle this problem. They have a vision. And if the vision is there, the means will follow. The Hyperloop is real, and it is becoming a reality soon.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) rated US infrastructure with a D+, stating that surface transportation is the sector with the largest gap. The government understands that change is needed. In just a few months a ten year, 1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan will be launched by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. This plan will be a combination of public and private investments.

But what are the solutions of Hyperloop One? As said, Hyperloop has a vision. A vision with concrete solutions. Please read them in the article below.



Herman van den Bosch's picture
Herman van den Bosch

The article mentions a problem (people are pricing out of the city) and a solution (cheap, fast and efficient transportation). Although I am thrilled by the solution, we better can start with the question how a smart city can prevent pricing out of city of many people. This question has a high relevancy for Amsterdam.

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Michiel Zwerus

ahahh! .... MEXICO ....is going to Pay for this?!?