Join the conversation - a perspective on Amsterdam as circular city

Amsterdam is circular in 2050. In the Sustainability Agenda and in the Circular Innovation Program, the municipality of Amsterdam has identified guiding principles. The guiding principles have not yet been translated concretely. As a result, the principles still provide insufficient guidance on the choices that we now have to make about the transition to a circular city.

A translation to concrete ambitions is necessary. What these ambitions mean for choices about the role, behavior and approach of citizens, governments, companies and knowledge institutes is explained in this position paper. The Amsterdam Smart City network calls for a discussion about how and how quickly we can reach a circular Amsterdam. The attached note offers a start for this conversation.

The paper can be found below in English and Dutch.

NL Perspectief op Amsterdam als circulaire stad.pdf (2.46 MB) EN Future perspectivesfor Amsterdamas a circular city.pdf (2.43 MB)