Kuwait hires South Korea to build smart cities

In designing the city of the future, why not start building one from scratch, instead of dealing with the legacy of an ‘unsmart city’. And why not copy a smart city that is already in operation successfully. That is what Kuwait thought when it hired a South Korean consortium to build Kuwaits newest smart city from scratch. A four billion dollar project. The name of the city will be South Saad Al-Abdullah and will provide accommodations for between 25,000 — 40,000 families. The new city will be 15,913 acres in size. Construction will start in 2019.

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Sami Erpo

Very valid comments Herman - thanks for your insight.
I agree that relevant technologies can be exported and adapted internationally, especially when the eco-system is ready and willing to integrate the them. Maybe 'design thinking' and 'smart city design' concepts and tools could be an area to utilise in smart ways to turn local needs and requirements to match technologies, platforms, service?

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Herman van den Bosch

I wonder whether a smart city can be designed and implanted somewhere. I believe that a smart city has to emerge from smart behaviour of citizens, companies and government, who deploy available technologies. Of course, these technologies can be made available world-wide.

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Egbert van Keulen

Hai Sami,
Thank you. Yes, interesting concept.

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Sami Erpo

Very interesting smart city development area and the concept of buying the whole design from one county is special. This is like buying new smart-city-as-a-service.