Look back! Event recap: 'De Mindset voor een Menselijke Slimme Stad'

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Technology helping to make cities more sustainable and better is not a new concept. It is the idea behind the "Smart City" concept. But nobody wants to live in a Smart City that focuses only on technology. Of course, we want to live in a safe, green and vibrant city.

How do we create sustainable and liveable cities? How can technology be a useful tool in this? How do we put people at the center of these cities and take their values into account in the development?

On the 17th and 18th of November 2020 we held two events on this important topic, together with BTG and the City of Almere.

This video shows you the event of the 17th of November. Klaas van Egmond, professor of Geosciences, takes us through an inspiring story about various values and the mindset required to meet challenges in cities. After this talk, you will see a roadshow with three start-ups that realize better streets, neighborhoods and cities, using technology:
- Geofluxus - 'We map waste'
- Asset Hubble - 'Detecting cracks in masonry'
- Seenons - 'Waste collected easily, sustainably and separately'

As icing on the cake, we are launching the new online platform where you get daily inspiration and knowledge online.

In short, an event full of new insights, network and inspiration!
Check out the video of the event on Tuesday 17 November 2020:


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