Lugano uses drones to deliver laboratory samples (video)

Swiss Post has been using drones to deliver laboratory samples between two hospitals in Lugano. Seventy test flights have been operated, and the tests are so successful that the city wants to have a regular drone service for the hospitals by 2018.

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One person thinks this is smart


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Maud Lange's picture
Maud Lange

It is certainly a great way to transport goods quickly. So I hope that safety measures from our Government will support such good initiatives in the future.

Egbert van Keulen's picture
Egbert van Keulen

Hi Maud,
Good point. Safety is a returning subject concerning the use of drones, and I think technology is a head of legislation as far as the use of drones is concerned. In this case, as said in the article, Swiss post has worked closely together with the Swiss Aviation Regulators (FOCA).


Maud Lange's picture
Maud Lange

What about safety? In certain areas should not be flown with drones. (Like near airports). And if drones can carry packets, they also can transport bombs and grenades. So above cities probably it will not be allowed to fly with drones. The government has a lot to decide on this subject.


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