Portfolio-holder The Hague: ‘We are the Secure Digital Gateway to Europe’

To what extent can Amsterdam and The Hague help each other?

While the worldwide attack by the Wannacry ransomware is still fresh in our memory, the city of The Hague once again underlines the importance of internet security and privacy. The Hague, the City of Peace and Justice, is emphatically presenting itself as the Secure Digital Gateway to Europe. “These days you can no longer solve problems on your own, you must cooperate and innovate.”

The Judicial Capital already is exemplary regarding cooperation. No less than 260 partners collaborate in the so-called Hague Security Delta. The town is now also organising MoCo The Hague, during which three speakers will shine a light on the approach to privacy and security on the internet. The Hague portfolio-holder Saskia Bruines, “By organising events and meetings, I hope that people will acquire the knowledge which they can use in their own organisation, and I also hope that they meet other relevant people to cooperate with.”

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