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Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city

If the whole world changes as a result of the rise of internet technology and digitization, how will urban planning, planning and spatial planning change? What are the new starting points? And how should directors, designers, organizers and managers get to work on this? The Future City Foundation, started working with those questions, together with 26 partners, in the past year. In the book 'A smart city, this is how you do it - Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city' you can read the result.

The first question we have asked ourselves is what kind of city we want. When we are in a transition, it is good to set the limits. We put it on two levels. First, we want a city that meets the requirements of sustainable development goal 11: inclusive, safe, healthy and sustainable. But we also want us to be able to live there in freedom.

Then we asked the question of how digitization and technology affect our regions, cities and villages. We conclude that connectedness is the real game changer. We are always connected to everything and everyone. Everything becomes a smart and democratic network. This network makes us very flexible. We can do everything anywhere.

Finally, we asked ourselves where we want to be. We seek meaning. That makes the profession of the designer more important than ever. Even if we can be everywhere, we are only in one place. Then of course we choose the place where we prefer to be. But how do you design that place? And in addition: how do we prevent ourselves from being over-stimulated? Here perhaps lies the core. Because smart urbanism is not about smart, not about technology. But about the consequences. About how society is changing. The role that citizens, businesses and governments have also shifts from one another. We hope this leads to more citizenship. To more influence of people on their living environment.

You read it in the book “A smart city, this is how you do it - Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city,” published on October 28, 2019. With theory in essays and interviews with inspiring precursors. 26 tutorials with step-by-step instructions and other process tools to comprehend the theory. And 15 practical examples, in which you learn how our regions, cities and villages have already changed. This book is a publication of the Future City Foundation in collaboration with BNSP, NVTL and 24 other partners.

The book is in Dutch. Mid november the English version is published.
Order the book via Digital reading is free, for a printed version we charge € 29.