Safeguard announces collaboration with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.

We are excited to share the exciting news with you of our newly-formed partnership with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. In anticipation of developing our AI accident prediction platform, this collaboration will facilitate crucial support from experts, network expansion opportunities as well as general guidance to help ensure the success of our upcoming endeavours.

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam is part of one of the largest innovation programs for startups and scale-ups, which has helped to accelerate and grow close to 600 companies worldwide. Following their graduation from Startupbootcamp’s acceleration program, these startups have gone on to successfully execute their intended endeavours as well as raise millions in funding.

Safeguard will do a Token Sale, whereby an intended 30 000 ETH will be raised to facilitate the development of an AI system that will be able to predict hazardous workplace incidents and injuries based on IoT technology and historical data. Ultimately, this system aims to drive the goal of reducing workplace injuries and fatalities to a significant degree.

According to Safeguard’s CTO, Gertjan Leemans, a use-case example for this system would be on a construction or building site, whereby the AI system would be able to apply live data relating to the weather, time of day, hardware machinery (such as cranes) and other variables to determine whether or not a safety risk is posed and what the likelihood of an accident or injury is.

In line with the Safeguard’s roadmap and for the sake of gathering the required data to build the AI system, Safeguard will also soon be launching its own Data Marketplace. This new marketplace, built on the blockchain, enables businesses to securely and transparently share their safety-related data in exchange for Safeguard Tokens (SGT), an ERC-20 based utility token.

The primary benefits of the partnership are as follows:

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, part of one of the largest organizations in the world providing innovation programs for startups and scale-ups, has chosen to support Safeguard and its unique business model and ecosystem for the sake of incentivizing and facilitating a new data marketplace. This milestone affirms the status of this internationally recognized network of innovation programs as a key part of the blockchain community and furthermore portrays Startupbootcamp’s willingness to further encourage the adoption of blockchain technology.

Manuela Krull, the managing director of Startupbootcamp’s ‘Smart City & IoT’ program, will also join Safeguard as an advisor. Her extensive knowledge in Blockchain has already proven to be beneficial during the build-up to their Token Sale. Apart from her expertise, Manuela also has an extensive network, both within the private and public sector.

By partnering with Startupbootcamp, Safeguard is also able to tap into the organization’s worldwide network of thousands of mentors, as well as 140+ corporate partners; from PwC and Vodafone to Cisco and HP. Furthermore, Safeguard will be able to take part in the Startupbootcamp’s events that are organized in more than 100 locations each year.

Safeguard’s CEO, Ingmar Vroege, commented on the newly-formed collaboration:

“We as Safeguard are very happy with this collaboration. As the network and knowledge of Startupbootcamp is well known all over the world. We believe that this support will be one of the key elements in driving the success of our Token Sale. Not only does Startupbootcamp have great mentors that can help us, they’ve also got extensive knowledge of and experience with Blockchain technology. By tapping into this vast pool of information and resources, Safeguard will be able to scale up at an even faster rate. We’re also really excited about applying to the Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT program that kicks off in July. The objectives of this program are perfectly in line with Safeguard’s ultimate vision.”

Manuela Krull from Startupbootcamp Amsterdam further confirms:

“It is important for Startupbootcamp to be a part of this initiative. Safeguard as a solution really contributes to safer cities, which we strive for in our Smart City & IoT innovation program. Therefore we are happy to see that they applied for our program. We are scouting startups and scale-ups until April 16th. Since we work with a lot of emerging companies, of which an increasing amount has Token Sale plans, we are happy to support this process.”

Securing a partnership with Startupbootcamp’s prestigious network will strongly support Safeguard’s goals of developing not only a new marketplace for safety-relevant data but also of building accident prevention software. Through this partnership, they will be granted opportunities to engage with industry-leading experts and blockchain pioneers, thereby further enabling them to scale their business and become industry-leaders within their field.

Interested in joining the Safeguard Token Sale? Early investors will receive a 20% bonus on their initial investment when investing in the Safeguard presale. The whitelisting of the presale starts on the 3rd of April. For more information you can check out