Self-sufficient LED street lights illuminate bicycle paths in Amsterdam

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In total the companies placed 42 LED street lights running on sustainable energy.

The self-sufficient system is developed by Havenbedrijf Amsterdam and Enecos’ Luminext and CityTec. It illuminates the bicycle path in the Atlaspark of the Amsterdam harbor area.The energy for the street lights is generated by a mini-turbine and floating solar panels. So the street lights don’t need power from the regular grid.The pilot project in Amsterdam is an example of the strategic cooperation between Eneco and Havenbedrijf Amsterdam. In this cooperation the companies seek for possibilities to make the energy supply of the harbor more sustainable.By using self-sufficient technology, the costs on resources and investment lower. The system is designed to have no energy loss which makes it even more efficient. In the spring it will be possible to set the illuminance of the street lights via a smartphone application. This will prevent energy to be wasted and increases safety.

Source: Duurzaambedrijfsleven
Picture: Duurzaambedrijfsleven