Sensoring the city

Resistance against smart cities is growing. Technologists who claim that cities in the future will deploy up to 2 billions sensors ignore that they contribute to the big brother experience . On the other hand, the recent edition of the Smart City Magazine gives ample examples how sensors can improve liveability. The Nijmegen example in particular is a must read, because the city deployed sensors together with citizens and succeeded in lowering the costs significantly (in Dutch)


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Herman van den Bosch

I forgot the link to the article in De Groene Amsterdammer (this article is behind a pay-wall, albeit not very expensive.

Here is a link to a short article in English

Possibly, you are also interested in my recently published short essay 'smart city, beyond the technology push'

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Herman van den Bosch

This article from De groene Amsterdammer is summarising the current debate about sensors in the relatively small circle of people that participates in the discussion with regards to smart cities.
I will refer at an English article in case you do not have Dutch language proficiency.


Dear Herman, how is this resistance measured or what source are you referring to ?,
typically people give up their anonymity in return if free-Wi-Fi etc.
Curious to learn more