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Amsterdam Smart City is receiving more requests from international delegations interested in exchanging experiences and establishing collaborations on smart city topics.

We are looking for experts, companies and start-ups in our community who would like to share their knowledge, expertise and services with these visiting delegations.

If you are interested then please email with answers to the following questions:
1. Which delegation you would like to meet with?
2. Do you prefer to meet with the group at the Amsterdam Smart City location at the Marineterrein or at your office?
3. What times are you available to meet with the group?
4. A short description of your presentation / product and how this information will benefit the visiting delegation.

Summary of requests:

1. Delegation overview: Emmar Economic City in Saudi Arabia // Focus on Mobility, Infrastructure/ Technology, and Energy/ Water/ Waste // Visit 5-7 Sep

Delegation summary: This is a small group of master developers responsible for the development of King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia. Interested in innovative / smart projects in the themes of Mobility, Infrastructure/ Technology, and Energy/ Water/ Waste which are ready for replication and which can be deployed in a new city.

2. Delegation overview: South Korea // 30 governmental officials // Focus on smart work centres // Visit on 6 Sep

Delegation summary: This delegation is interested in Amsterdam’s approach and experience with smart work centers and the future of work in the digital age.

3. Delegation overview: European pension funds // Focus on smart technologies & IoT // Visit in October

Delegation summary: This visit is organized by Deutsche Bank for a groups of ~15 investors interested in the impact of smart technologies /internet of things on public projects and B2B suppliers in the industry (contractors, distributors). Focus on companies working on building installation services and product distribution, security systems, and facility management.

4. Delegation overview: Norway // Visit by Junior Achievement // Focus on talent for the future // Visit on 5-7 Oct.

Delegation summary: The visit is part of a workshop for teachers who will design curricula introducing idea of circular economy, sustainability, smart cities and innovation to bridge education and business.

5. Delegation overview: France // Focus on smart / energy efficient buildings // Visit on 6 or 13 Oct

Delegation summary: This is a visit by a group of architects and engineers from EDF (French energy supplier) interested in energy efficient and healthy buildings / built environment at Zuidas.

If you have any questions or would like further information about this program please email


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Angelita Fasnacht

Cornelia, I have a couple of questions regarding Smart Water. Would you be able to contact me via messaging or Skype? Thanks!