Six smart cities that are very smart, and why

Smart cities are no longer the future. They are here and they are growing rapidly, keeping pace with the expansion of the Internet of Things and impacting municipal services all over the world. To improve city living, smart cities collaborate with developers, big data specialists, innovators and strategic thinkers. Large companies such as IBM and Cisco work together with civic planning authorities and universities, focusing on improving public transport, law enforcement, energy use and waste management by using data-driven systems. Think smart traffic light systems, useful apps, smart street lights and smart parking.

Here are some inspiring smart cities from all corners of the globe that are getting it right – in no particular order:



Egbert van Keulen's picture
Egbert van Keulen

Hi Herman,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading more thoughts in your articles.

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Herman van den Bosch

I cannot help that reading articles like these evoke mixed feelings. The demonstration of the power of advanced technologies is impressing. But its presentation closely resembles an expensive tv-advertising spot of a company like CISCO. Questions whether modern technology in general will enrich our lives, make us happier of even decrease costs significantly are not raised, let alone be answered. In one of my next posts I will make a well-funded inventory of the ten improvements that will be welcomed warmly by many, better most, citizens. Starting from that knowledge I will ask the question which technology is needed to support these improvements.