Smart cities and intelligent destinations: Connecting PERU with the World

Developing a "Digital Economy"

In order to accelerate the development of Smart Cities in Peru we will start a series of "interactive" talks with Smart City experts from other countries such as The Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia.

Gradually we will invite experts from other parts of the world to share their experiences and start collaborative processes between Central, Regional and Municipal Governments of all participating countries.

Are you an expert in Smart City? Do you want to collaborate on Projects related to INTELLIGENT CITIES? Are you committed to the development of a Digital Economy in Peru and the World? Please, send us an email to or we are interested in connecting with you

PERÚ Connect, 1st Interactive Digital Business Platform.

Do you think this is smart?


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Peter Ticoalu

Lotte hi,
Below you'll find the answer given by Enrique Mesones (CEO & Founder of PERÚ Connect, 1st Smart City initiative in Peru). I hope this will help, but If you need more information let me know.
Thank you.
Peter and I are working on Digital Economy initiatives around the world through our network of Companies in the USA, Asia, Europe and the LATAM Region.

As Peter mentioned, in order to accelerate the development of Smart Cities in Peru and other Cities where we have presence we will start a series of "interactive" talks with Smart City experts from other countries using the interactive Platforms that we’ve built. Our Leader, mentor and technology expert is Dr Ahmad Moradi (CEO of
We do not want to reinvent the wheel, we want to connect with 'Experts' in their own field to have a series of talks and discuss the following topics as people is currently doing at the CES Las Vegas 2018.
• The realities of implementing smart city solutions and perspective on topics like partnerships, governance, innovative financing, and cybersecurity
• The future of mobility, which envisions a faster, cleaner, safer, cheaper way for people and goods to move around
• How smart infrastructure, connected buildings and the businesses operating in these ecosystem are working together
According to Deloitte… "Smart cities hold great promise for public and private sectors, as well as the people living and working in them. Connected ecosystems driven by technological advancements offer the potential for faster economic growth, integrated mobility, increased accessibility, sustainability, and security, and a better quality of life".
Thanks for any advice and follow up!

Enrique Mesones

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Lotte Duursma

@peterdekruijk1 do you know some useful contacts for @peterticoalu? And @peterticoalu can you be more specific in what you are looking for?


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