Street lamps will be the brain of the smart city

For centuries, street lamps were only used to lighten your streets. But nowadays, technology is thus far, that they can be used for so much more. In Green Village (Delft University) a number of companies are investigating the possibilities to make street lamps the brain of the city.

They are everywhere, are a stable and high basis, and are connected to the powergrid. Street lamps offer many possibilities to contribute to smart cities, for instance:

* safety camera’s
* Wifi sensors
* antennas
* devices to measure air quality, traffic congestion or noise

What? They can even be used to verify if a parking space is available, or why not use them to charge electric cars?

In Green Village, a group of companies will test the possibilities of street lamps for smart cities. In fact, the term street lamp does not fit any more, the new commonly accepted name is ‘Smart City Hubs’ (no relationship with the name of this website).

What is unique about this concept? In Green Village, a city infrastructure is created, in which companies, students, startups, researchers and other stakeholders can work together to develop and test new products. It is a real life version of a city centre, where city governments can monitor developments in real time.

The street lamp will become the iPhone of the street. While thusfar companies did only attach sensors and devices to street lamps, in Green Village sensors and devices will be fully integrated in the street lamps (clip-ons).

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