Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

When writing a SUMP Plan one has to bear in mind how to validate all activities concerning the remodeling of mobility issues. What data is usefull or needed to get the right insights in the behaviour of the pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

With the use of visual (camera) detection in combination with Artificial Intelligence (Machine & Deep Learning) we are able to offer multimodal automated smart visual detection solutions. Our know-how resulted in solutions for:
- Crowd (counting) / Crowd analyses,
- CityDynamics,
- TrafficDynamics,
- MobilityDynamics

Take a look at our ViNotion & ViSense short stories on Youtube.

Our solutions are used by governments, municipalities, defense, city-marketeers, real estate firms, event organisations and many more entities.

In case of smart city solutions ViSense offers you the tooling to get insight in your traffic behaviour and participants on a specific location or even a grid. You will get a tremendous amount of data which can be used to validate or modify the SUMP Plan at hand.

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