The Road to Barcelona – Content collection 2017

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What makes Barcelona great? It’s not only soccer, tapas and a sunny beach. Barcelona is also an innovative city that hosts the Smart City Expo World Congress this November. Naturally, Amsterdam was present.

Through this content collection, we share our adventures with you. Check out our vlogs and interviews!

At the Smart City Expo World Congress, cities meet other cities, showcase their projects and find new solutions, and where companies make business. Amsterdam Smart City was eager to once again visit the Smart City Expo. Between the 12th and the 16th of November, we found out about the latest smart city developments, made new connections and brought companies with us on a trade mission.

Read all about our preparations and enlightening moments during the expo.

On this page you will find the overview of the interviews we held, the vlogs we made and the articles we wrote about the companies that joined us on “the road to Barcelona”!

Top Highlight

Amsterdam wins prestigious award for circular economy!
Amsterdam has won the World Smart City Award for circular economy. The prize was awarded on Wednesday 15 November at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. With the award, the organization shows it’s appreciation for the pioneering Amsterdam program for circular economy

Read more on why Amsterdam has won the circular economy award here.

Or check out our circular program here.


"Cities must act together across borders to deal with similar challenges" All you need to know about this Expo and why it is so important to cities can be found in this introductory post.


Video series part 1:

Which projects will we show at the Expo? Check it out in this video. Our colleagues Lotte Duursma, Maaike Osieck and Nancy Zikken will tell you all about it.

The road to Barcelona

Video series part 2:

This year, we will have a special focus on Mobility as a Service. In this video experts of the city of Amsterdam will explain to you what it is. Also, a participant of a brand new pilot shares his experiences!

The Road to Barcelona - Mobility as a Service

Video series part 3: the Circular Economy

How does Amsterdam envision a new Circular Economy? Watch the video to find out!

The Road to Barcelona - Circular Festivals

Vlogging during the Expo:

On our Facebook page, you can watch the vlogs we made during the Expo.

Expo Talk: Pieter Litjens, Deputy Mayor City of Amsterdam

Find out about his dreams for Amsterdam:

Expo Talk: Pieter Litjens, Deputy Mayor City of Amsterdam

Expo Talk: Nathan Pierce, Sharing Cities London

How can cooperation help us further? Check it out:

Expo Talk: Nathan Pierce, Sharing Cities London


The Interviews Part 1: Live & Fun

Tania Kovalov founded Live&Fun: a start-up and mobile app that allows users interact with virtual objects in the real world using smartphones. At the Expo, Live&Fun will be one of the companies to meet at the Holland Pavilion! Check out their story!

The Interviews Part 2: Connected

In this interview the spotlight is on Marco Maréchal, entrepreneur who joins us to the Smart City Expo: 'I would like to make sure users and target groups are involved from the start and project leaders don’t have to modify existing projects because they forgot this.' Read all about his company Connected here!

The Interviews Part 3: BeSite

We spoke to Jurgen Rutgers from the company BeSite. Together with the Amsterdam ArenA, BeSite set up the Mobility Portal: an online solution for travel advice to venues, that helps to solve mobility issues in areas prone to congestion. Jurgen thinks living labs and stakeholders are important when applying technical solutions. Find out why!

The Interviews Part 4: Lightwell

From ideas in a barn to Dutch design lampposts. One of the companies that will be part of the Amsterdam delegation at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, is Lightwell. They also joined us last year! Why do they like to go again?

The Interviews Part 5: Xomnia

No matter what your organization is doing, it is likely that your business will make use of big data in the future. And Xomnia could be your partner!

The Interviews Part 6: RecyQ

RecyQ makes waste separation for citizens and companies more logical and understandable so that they are motivated to cooperate with them. We asked exactly how they aim to achieve this.

Additional video footage:

Check out these daily video reports made by Rik Wamelink from RW Media.

SCE Barcelona day 1

SCE Barcelona day 2

SCE Barcelona day 3