Vehicle-to-grid in SCIS Podcast [listen to the podcast]

EUROCITIES informs on a monthly basis about different smart city related topics. In "Urban Reverb", Anthony Colclough will interview anyone who is either directly involved in smart city projects (such as politicians and engineers) or who is somehow affected by the outcomes of innovative and smart solutions (such as tenants).

Did we make you curious? Then jump over to our podcast section in the newsroom (link below) and listen to episode 1 of "Urban Reverb", talking about "bidirectional chargers", or ‘vehicle to grid’.

“If we want to make this a proper product to be placed in the grid, then the price of the charger needs to go down a lot.” Quote by Marisca Zweistra (City-zen)

More about SCIS
SCIS is a knowledge platform to exchange KPIs, experience and know-how and to collaborate on the creation of smart cities, providing a high quality of life for its citizens in a clean, energy efficient and climate friendly urban environment. Launched with support from the European Commission, SCIS encompasses data, experience and stories collected from completed, ongoing and future projects focusing on energy, mobility & transport and ICT.