We Proudly Present Our Partners: Part #10 Arcadis

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In June we kicked off a new phase of Amsterdam Smart City. More partners than ever are pooling their networks, knowledge and skills. Who are they? We will present some of them one by one. Arcadis: 'The energy supplies we use in the city need to be more decentralized and renewable, without any concessions on reliability.'

What is the main reason for you to join the open collective Amsterdam Smart City?

As an engineering and consultancy firm, Arcadis is always improving and innovating our built environment. As the relation between our built environment and other technologies intensifies, there is also a growing need to collaborate. We want to be part of the ecosystem to create the best, smartest and sustainable city.

What is your ambition for the city and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area?

Our motto is to improve the quality of life. A smart city for us is a city where all the city systems are optimized to meet the needs of the citizens, to create a city for all people taking profit and planet into account.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the city and the region in the future?

There is an increasing pressure on all the city systems, e.g. the water system with more drought and heavy rainfall periods, the transition to a climate neutral energy system, or the transportation system with the increasing crowds. Keeping all the city systems flowing and working in a sustainable way is key to ensure quality of life.

How do you see the role of the residents and citizens in your plans?

Residents and citizens, but also people who work in the city or visit the city, are all part of the solution. A city that functions well has the right interaction between the people and the city systems. That requires both people and technology to innovate and develop.

What do you hope to work on in the upcoming years?

The upcoming years will be vital in transforming our society towards a sustainable and healthy one. Energy transition and the transformation of our mobility are the two themes we will focus on within Amsterdam Smart City. The transportation system of the city needs to be transformed to enable more sustainable and more multimodal transport. The energy supplies we use in the city need to be more decentralized and renewable, without any concessions on reliability.