You have a company parking lot…and you probably DON’T think much about it

You see a parking lot. We see the FUTURE.

We believe that the word "parking" is going to be replaced by "charging" in the future. The vehicle itself makes the reservation (Internet of Things), start contactless charging itself and the energy comes from the sun.

We are waiting for the first affordable electric vehicle (EV) to come on the market with a range of at least 300 km. Then "just go to the gas station to fill up" will change. You do not want to go somewhere to charge. You want to charge where you are, at home and at work. Where you charge, you also want to generate your energy. The oppertunity for company parkings is, to lower the enrgy bill with solar energy and charge at the same time the company car fleet. The 20 solar panels on the Parkasol carport produce 5300 Kwh a year which means 26.500 electric kilometers or 16,500 Mile.

Coming up: Recover your investment by sharing your charger with others when you’re not using it yourself.