3D Print Canal House

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The 3D Print Canal House is a ‘Research & Design by Doing’ project in which an international team of partners from various sectors works together on 3D printing a full-size canal house in Amsterdam. A beta-preneurial building project, which has the goal to revolutionize the building industry and offer new tailor made housing solutions worldwide.

What is the goal of the project?

The 3D Print Canal House is an unique project where an international team of partners collaborates in ‘research & doing’ linking science, design, construction and community, by 3D printing a canal house at an expo-site in the very heart of Amsterdam. 3D printing is a fascinating new production technique. It allows you to directly translate a digital file into a physical product. In April 2013 a letter of intentionwas signed with the aim of building the world's first 3D printed Canal House.The Canal House is an initiative of DUS architects and will be printed with the Kamermaker, a major mobile 3D printer that was developed by the architects. The Kamermaker can print entire interiors with dimensions of 2 x 2 x 3,5 meters. The design of the house consists of several rooms, each of which is printed on the construction site before they are assembled into one Canal House.

3D printing a canal house, the symbol of Amsterdam, shows the world how to combine traditional local values with new innovative ideas. The 3D Print Canal House is built from January 2014 in Amsterdam Noord. Each new 3D print that comes out of the printer is exhibited and tested on the construction site. The Kamermaker aims to print with a material that is sustainable, of biological origin, melts at a relatively low temperature, and of course is sturdy and stable. And they are now researching the possibilities of printing with recycled materials.

The 3D Print Canal House is a 3 year research and development project. The knowledge that is gained by building the Canal House will be shared with the community through the website and expo center. Hopefully the final building will become a hub for innovation and new production techniques and materials for the building industry.

From March 2014 it is possible to visit the construction site to see every new 3D print. By buying a ticket the visitors sponsor the project. The project is partially funded by the contributions of our partners and partially funded by the municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the DOEN Foundation. A lot of the sponsorship the 3D Print Canal House gets is in natura, the leading partners contribute through knowledge or materials. In fact, the 3D Print Canal House is one big collaboration project, in which various sectors build together to innovate.