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ReloadIT Functional & Technical Design

What is the goal of the project?

The core of Zaanstad’s showcase ‘REloadIT’ is innovative technology for clean mobility. This showase aims to optimise the exploitation of renewable energy and electric mobility. Zaanstad is an ‘energy pro-sumer’: our local, clean, renewable and affordable energy meets the energy consumption of our electric fleet.

  • Supply and demand are matched.
  • Production and energy consumption are forecasted.
  • Information on the level of charge and action radius of a car.
  • Scheduled trips are matched with charging procedure and level of charge.
  • Real time information on vehicle-to grid connection (charging intensity).
  • Charging all 17 vehicles without damaging the car park grid.
  • Innovative cooperation and energy contract with energy supplier.

What is the result of the project?

The REloadIT project aims to optimise the exploitation of different local renewable sources (three or four solar energy systems and (virtual) wind turbine) to charge the municipal electric car fleet.

The results so far include:

Renewable electricity production, since 2013: 16622 kWh
Renewable electricity production, today: 0 kWh
Driven kilometres with electric cars, since 2013: 4818 km
Avoided CO2 emissions, since 2013: 713 kg

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

This project is coordinated by the municipality of Zaanstad, partners include EnergyGo, Qpark, Imtech, Truckland, Vito, University of Amsterdam and Alliander

What is the next step?

The REloadIT Smart Grid is introduced at small but scalable size. The business case is analysed for large scale implementation. The smart technology is developed in a public-privat partnership.