Circular Business owners/founders

I am a student from Czech Republic writing my thesis on the topic of Circular Ecocnomy and I am looking for people who founded circular businesses (no matter how big or small), willing to share their opinion on the topic of CE and answer a few questions. Interview is done via skype call, should not take more than 25-30min.
I will highly appreciate your contribution! Please write in the comments or email me at if you are interested :)


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Veronika Trifonova

@sladjanamijatovic I am not sure whether projects would suit, as, for me, they seem to be a short-term, research-oriented activities, rather than business models that are making profit. Am I wrong? I need to talk with the latter case for my thesis, because I ask about challenges businesses face as well as benefits they reap. Could you, maybe, name me a few circular businesses? Thank you in advance for your answer!