Contact person for holistic plastic waste reduction strategy

We are two students from Gothenburg trying to identify a holistic approach on how to reduce plastic waste, combining circularity, prevention, replacement, reuse, etc. in order to reach the European targets and Sustainability Development Goals. We would like to get in contact with someone who can tell us about how Amsterdam is approaching this problem.


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Nancy Zikken

Thanks @johanwestera ! He is part of our community; @dirkgroot !

Fabian Hein

Yes, that was already helpful! We are still looking for someone more in charge of system perspectives for plastic waste prevention but the input so far was quite good as well!

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Yangbo Du

Fabian, get in touch with @maaykeaimedamen and her Excess Materials Exchange crew.

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Sladjana Mijatovic

Hi Fabian,

Maybe these city innovators can help and inspire you

National circular economy programme :Plastic Waste (only in Dutch);

Interesting people to contact: