Ecodam, circulair economie education hub, is looking for partners and a location for a pilot lab

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Ecodam is a young initiatief aimed at creating a place where young people will learn about and help build the circular economy. Ecodam is not highbrow and elitair but inclusive, hands-on, fun and accessible. We use design thinking principles, letting visitors operate as designers and makers. Thinking of new solutions for real problems and making new, circular, products.

Ecodam is currently looking for partners to help us realise our dream and a location for a pilot lab.

ideas and tips are welcome!

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Boaz Bar-Adon's picture
Boaz Bar-Adon

Dear Francien, thanks for you reaction! Almere could for sure an option. We had contact with the Upcycle Centrum and a good chat with Sabina Kok, very inspiring and interesting. If there are relevant partners in Almere they can contact me. If you want more information we can call sometime.

Francien Huizing's picture
Francien Huizing

Dear Boaz, great project! Are you specifically looking for a location in Amsterdam or is Almere also an option?


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