Feedback on the Energy Atlas Project

I would like to interview individuals who worked on the Energy Atlas project, as part of a graduate comparative research study on sustainable urban energy use. I am a visiting student from the University of Pittsburgh, here to explore the topic of Sustainable Cities until June 13. I want to learn more about how the public and private partners involved in the Energy Atlas collaborated to develop the final product, what value they have derived from it, and what insights they might share about the process in retrospect. I hope to share the knowledge and lessons acquired from launching the Energy Atlas in a policy journal publication, and communicate that information to Pittsburgh's municipal government, private utilities, and sustainability advocates who might benefit from similar initiatives. Feel free to respond here (or you may reach me at, hope to hear from you!





@joostbrinkman @bobmantel , can you help Dillion?

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Dillion Asher

Hi Nancy, thank you for your reply! I have a copy of this report, which has been very useful indeed! I am seeking further comments on partner's experiences as well, and of course info on any updates or revisions that might be planned for the Energy Atlas platform.