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Feedback on the Energy Atlas Project

I would like to interview individuals who worked on the Energy Atlas project, as part of a graduate comparative research study on sustainable urban energy use. I am a visiting student from the University of Pittsburgh, here to explore the topic of Sustainable Cities until June 13. I want to learn more about how the public and private partners involved in the Energy Atlas collaborated to develop the final product, what value they have derived from it, and what insights they might share about the process in retrospect. I hope to share the knowledge and lessons acquired from launching the Energy Atlas in a policy journal publication, and communicate that information to Pittsburgh's municipal government, private utilities, and sustainability advocates who might benefit from similar initiatives. Feel free to respond here (or you may reach me at dillion.asher@pitt.edu), hope to hear from you!

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Student seeks volunteer work opportunity

I am looking for three or four weeks of unpaid volunteer work in and around Amsterdam from July to mid-August, and want to reach out to anyone in need of project assistance. I am a masters student in International Development, with a professional interest in micro-sustainability and energy efficiency projects, who will be attending a certificate course in Rotterdam over the summer. I would very much like to extend my stay by performing volunteer work for a sustainability practitioner.

I would be happy to assist in any way, from unskilled labor to field data collection, so please feel free to contact me!

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Overseas student seeking internship in sustainable development

My name is Dillion Asher, and I am an American student pursuing my masters degree in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. I am reaching out to Amsterdam Smart City's network in an effort to identity internship opportunities in sustainable development for an overseas student like myself. As my future goal is to attain an internship in the Netherlands (and to relocate for permanent employment upon graduation), I am collecting information on local career opportunities in sustainability. Some of the questions I hope to answer through my inquiries include:

- Are internship/employment opportunities generally available to non-EU students/foreign nationals?

- Which NGOs, companies, or public institutions might I communicate with to discuss a potential internship, or even a collaborative research partnership while in school?

- What types of knowledge, skills, training, or experience might be recommended or desired for a student interested in a career in sustainable development?

- Are there any university courses or degree programs in the Netherlands that are particularly valued for skill development and training with respect to sustainable development?

- What are the biggest future challenges to urban planning and sustainability work in the Netherlands?

If there are any individuals out there in Amsterdam Smart City's network who may be in a position to offer guidance, advice, or perhaps a referral to other sources of information, I would be most grateful for the assistance to my search! Please feel free to comment, and to reach out with any questions you may have about my interests, goals, future plans, and ongoing studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kind regards,
Dillion Asher

About me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-dillion-asher-51032019. My primary interests lie in sustainable urban development and in energy and resource efficiency. I am seeking out NGOs, public institutions, and private companies in the Netherlands currently working in these areas.

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