Hello, for the University of Amsterdam (Business department) we are looking for people who want to tell us something more about the process of the maker movement projects in mobility in order to succeed in a case study. If you have 5 minutes to help us out,, please let me know. Regards Fleur


Fleur Waal

Hello Nancy,
Thanks for your interest. We do a project for the University of Amsterdam to see if Philips can involve in maker movement projects around mobility problems (parking spaces in Amsterdam for example). We would like to know how you experience the Amsterdam smart city platform, is it easy to use, does it solve problems and how is the communication with other projects. Kind regards, Fleur

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Fleur, thanks for the question! We would like to help you out but could you be a little bit more specific? What knowledge are you looking for? Do you have an example for instance? Thanks!