Innovator/structural/electrical engineer or just a smart person who can help me modify a vintage Dutch cargo fits into an electrically assisted zero emission production unit.

Several bike shops say it can't be done. I'm am sure it can be!
In my quest to become a circle business, I am building the first zero emission cargo bike for the natural media industry using a vintage Dutch cargo bike as my basis.
Natural Media Experts is an eco friendly urban communications company that produces outdoor campaigns for Gemeente Amsterdam and other gemeenten in the Netherlands. It is a restart of one of the first natural media companies in the world - GreenGraffiti.
How can I modify a vintage Dutch cargo bike into an electrically assisted cargo bike? How can I add a renewable energy battery pack power system to run various tools? (power washer, paint spray system, electric brushes)
A zero emission production unit would further reduce the impact of outdoor communication on our environment. It will extend the range where I can offer services, reduce costs to gemeenten by working faster and give my business a competitive advantage.
I am looking for someone with the knowledge I lack. As an advertising professional my engineering skills are limited and electricity scares me to death.
There are many vintage cargo bikes in the Netherlands that few are willing to use due to their heavy weight. However, they are perfectly suited to all tasks more modern cargo bikes are being used for. Repurposing old "unused" resources fits very well with my business and given the very high costs of modern e-cargo bikes could be a business opportunity as well.


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Jim Bowes

@anneliesvanderstoep thanks for tip! Something like this. Dutch bak fiets are pretty heavy. I wonder how powerful a motor I need.