Interviews for graduate research: SMEs active in Smart Building

Dear members of the Amsterdam Smart City community,

I am currently in my final year of the bachelor study Industrial Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and I am having my 6-months internship at Amsterdam Trade, who collaborates with Amsterdam Smart City in the area of internationalization. During this 6-months internship, I am doing my graduate research and thesis on innovation failure in the context of Smart City, more specifically SMEs specialized in Smart Building solutions, and internationalization. Right now in the third week of my research, and in this phase, I want to conduct interviews with people working in SMEs that are specialized in Smart Building solutions (both indoor and/or outdoor) that could give me insights in the key topics of my research: internationalization, innovation failure (in this case specified to innovation processes) and SMEs.

What will be the end result of this research? An innovation process specifically designed for SMEs when they want to offer their innovations on foreign markets. This could help and accelerate Amsterdam Trade in the internationalization process of SMEs. And ultimately, what's the added value for SMEs? This innovation process is designed through practical cases (interviews) and literary research on innovation processes and internationalization. It should help SMEs in setting up and shaping their innovation process for internationalization purposes: from exploring multiple ideas to selecting one idea, to building business cases for the innovation, to testing the innovation, and eventually to the launch of the innovation on foreign markets, or just the re-engineering of an existing innovation for release outside of the home country (considering different countries require different approaches than the home country).

If you're working in an SME specialized in Smart Building solutions, either indoor or outdoor solutions, and either active in the business or consumer market, then I would like to get in contact with you! My contact information can be found below, or you can leave your contact information below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I hope to hear from you, and if you have any questions or anything related, feel free to contact me as well.

Thank you.

Yung-Lai Woo
Phone: 06 39483718

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Yung-Lai Woo

Through initial deskresearch before the phase of conducting and planning the interviews, I found out about your endeavors in creating a Smart City. I'd be interested to learn more, and I hope that you could find the time to help me with my graduate research. @henkvanraan @maxdrathecoreachnl @jurgenschoorlemmer @janheintiedema @peter-paulmetz