*Job Opportunity* Calling Junior Data Scientists

We are looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic Data Scientist with the ability to think creatively and analytically; translating and correlating abstract concepts and data sets for our team of developers to apply to their building projects.

Newly graduated, or holding up to 2 years experience as a data, you will be working mainly in a team under the supervision of a senior integration consultant. Meanwhile, you will be developing your own consultancy skills under expert leadership.

You must be open to growth and receiving feedback, with a willingness to invest in your own development taking initiative where necessary. You should have an idea of which direction you would like to specialise in, but we will harness your talents and skills to fit this exciting and challenging role.

The role.

- Clean up and process raw data into useful data
- Correlate different types of data
- Detecting irregularities in data
- Search for opportunities in a significant amount of data
- Build and improve predictive models using statistical and machine learning techniques
- Work with the developing team to implement the algorithms and visualisations you’ve helped to build as prototypes
- Design, analyse and interpret business hypothesis and explore datasets through using available tools
- Recommend ideas to business when data/results is available through good visualizations / predictive algorithms
- Assist users to understand the data science principles and when needed provide an explanation for the model behaviour and possible correcting actions

Skills required.

- Programming languages; like Python Coding / Java /R / Perl, or C/C++
- Good understanding of Database/Coding (e.g: NoSQL/SQL/etc.)
- Good understanding of unstructured data
- Excellent communication skills (Spoken and written)
- Ability to work well in a team and individually
- Competent understanding of machine learning
- Competent understanding of an ERP system is a plus

Who we are.

The digital economy is continuously disrupting the landscape of business. In this digital era, remaining at the forefront of these shifts is vital.

Our mission is to reduce complexity through improving existing business models. We believe in working towards a simpler future, not just for business, but for the world. Through our innovative cloud technology, Enterprise Integration Specialists and Internet of Things capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

At Rojo we specialise in cloud integration and migration, business process orchestration, enterprise IoT solutions, as well as building exceptional software products, tailored specifically to our customers’ needs.

To apply for this role send your motivation and CV to hello@rojoconsultancy.com