Join energy storage project where 50 households increase the use of solar energy and reduce energy bills. Hasslefree!

The project City-Zen is going to create a ”Virtual Power Plant” of 50 home batteries. 50 households involved will collectively sell energy on specific moments while buying energy on the energy markets at other times. By using the storage capacity of 50 batteries, buying energy can be done at the most favourable time. The 50 participants will be able to use more sustainable energy and respond to the fluctuating prices. When there is a surplus of wind or solar energy, the batteries will be charged. When more energy is charged than the households are using, the batteries will be discharged. This will be done when the energy prices are high.

Does saving on your energy bill and being a front-runner sound good? Then we're looking for you! Join today!

To join and learn more go to (in Dutch)

This project by Alliander, Greenspread and Amsterdam Smart City is part of City-zen and funded by the European Commission.