journalistic help

My name is Johannes von Dohnanyi. I'm a German journalist planning to do a big festure story on "Amsterdam Smart City". If anyone - project creators, project managers and of course community members and citizens of Amsterdam - would like to see me during January 13 - 17, 2017, I would be delighted.
The idea is not only to explain the overriding rationale for making Amsterdam "smart", but to use single projects as showcases for what urban communities should could and should be prepared to do in order to improve our future living conditions.
Although I'm aware of possible time constraints, I really do hope to get some reactions to this request.
you may reach me at any time on this platform. Or on my regular e-mail: or by phone on +49 173 522 4172.
Thanks for your assistance - Johannes von Dohnanyi


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Maaike Osieck

Hi Johannes. Happy new year. I have sent you an email in December zbout your request. Looking forward to your reply!