Mini internship (shadowing) for US student on sustainable renovation of historical buildings

Hi fellow Smart Amsterdammers,
We (our private tour guide company with sustainability as a default setting) have received a request from a US scholar who's interested in shadowing initiatives in Amsterdam, that are related to sustainable renovation of historical buildings. Is there anyone here that would like to give her the opportunity to help you in your work for a few days during the second or third week of June?

This is her message:
My research centers around how to modify historic cities, built long before sustainability was a factor in development, in order to make them environmentally friendly without drastically altering the historical landscape which, I'd argue, is crucial to protect. I've noticed that, in the US, this is a hinderance to sustainable development, as the majority of major cities are to some extent historically protected and, in general, people are unwilling to find compromises that protect both history and the environment.
So, in theory, I'd like to focus on the intersection between sustainable development and historical preservation, or projects that deal with modifying or adding more efficient components to classic parts of Amsterdam's landscape. I am interested in shadowing a project that deals with these topics for just two to three days.


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Simon Duncan


My name is Simon Duncan. I am an Independent Film Maker (Australian) living in Angers, FRANCE.

I create videos specifically on The Renewable Energy Sector in both Europe and Australia.

I would be interested in partnering with you on this project to create video material which could be used for communications purposes.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me via the information below to discuss this further.

Simon Duncan
mobile: +33 (0)6 77 67 63 98

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Amsterdam Smart City

@melchiorkanyemesha1 any ideas who might find this interesting?