Participants VPP living in De Aker Nieuw Sloten

Trading renewable energy together with fellow neighborhood residents, that is now possible for the first time in the Netherlands. 50 households in De Aker Nieuw Sloten can participate in the City-zen Virtual Power Plant. Via a battery at home they are connected to a smart system, that uses, stores or sells the energy at the best moments.

There is room for a few more participants. Interested? Read more and apply via or leave a message below!


Tom van Arman's picture
Tom van Arman

dunno, I'll have to send my drone up over the rooftops to see who has panels in Osdorp! I will also ask our neighbor who has a few.

Maaike Osieck's picture
Maaike Osieck

good to know! @tomvanarman any interested neighbours?

Annelies Van der Stoep's picture
Annelies Van der Stoep

Yes, there is still room for a few more! So if you know anybody... @maaikeosieck ?

Maaike Osieck's picture
Maaike Osieck

Hi Annelies, are you still looking for participants?