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Dharamshala is selected as a smart city under the smart cities mission in India. Dharamshala Smart City (DSC) has received funding from the central government to develop it as a smart city in the next 5 years. DSC is very keen to collaborate with Netherlands on G2G level, K2K and B2B level. They are also looking at getting experts from Netherlands who can support DSC in urban planning, water, waste, mobility and planning for a smart city. It would be very interesting to explore and Amsterdam smart city would be interested in partnering with DSC and providing knowledge sharing.

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Maarten Van der Schaaf

Dear Priya Dagar,

Greetings from Amsterdam!

We would be pleased to help you get connected with smart city experts here in Amsterdam. IndiaConnected is an Amsterdam-based consultancy focussed exclusively on Dutch-India business. We also work closely with the Municipality of Amsterdam: we are organising the official Amsterdam visit to Mumbai and Pune in November '16. Therefore we have access to all relevant partners and specialists in both the public and private sector.

Currently we are getting several requests from Indian cities to organise smart city learning visits to Amsterdam. Is this something you consider as well?

I look forward to discuss this by phone/mail. I can be reached at maarten@indiaconnected.nl and +31 643907736

Kind regards,
Maarten van der Schaaf
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