progress on V2H?

Is there any progress on V2H systems? Are we near the moment that I can buy a system with which I can charge a car battery directly from my solarpanels and decharge the battery during the night or as I wish?


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Sjoerd Moorman

At we track the latest developments regarding bi-directional (V2G) charging.
We will also soon add a hardware page with various chargers, including those specifically for V2H.

From my own experience in the field:
What I have seen is a V2H system of Nichicon of which thousands have been installed in Japan since 2012, and some have made their way to Europe. Price will be around 3-5k EUR excl. installation for 6 kW power.

You will need some kind of integration with your energy management system though for controlling when to charge and discharge.
And most importantly, at the moment this is only possible / compatible with Mitsubishi and Nissan EVs.

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Juliette Crespel

Hi Henk, EVBox is moving in that direction with the help of Smappee. The existing smart charging solution enables to charge the car directly with solar panels. However, it is not yet possible to return the electricity to the grid and perform V2X as such. R&D teams at The Mobility House are working on it though and developing pilot projects in Portugal. More info in the links below: